Your Path to Professional Fulfillment

Experience our 7-week integrated career enrichment program.

Learn how to get the most out of your job and career. Many of the skills you learned in order to do your job are not the same skills that will help you advance professionally. Thriving @ Work will help you add to your skills and experience what's needed for you to excel.

What is

Thriving @ Work is the gold-standard training experience for members of product teams and professionals who want to stand out from the crowd, do meaningful work, and find joy in their career.

Our immersive training gives you all the tools and support you need to transform your worklife — creating new opportunities for you and unlocking your best work.

We'll help you find what types of work are especially well suited for you, improve your communication and collaboration, and set your team up for success. Every team is different, but the same things enable them all to thrive.

Just imagine if you could...

Look forward to work

Mondays are a lot more fun when you and your team are winning at work.

Do work that matters

Your job should be more than just a way to earn a paycheck. Find meaning in what you do.

Unlock your potential

You have more to offer than what you've been able to show at work so far. Let's change that.


will help you...


Discover your strengths

Learn what kind of work you could do forever, what you can do for a while, and what tasks drive you straight up the wall.


Drive to clarity

Cut through the fog and drive to clarity on your company's values and mission, areas of responsibility, and how they relate to you.


Improve collaboration

Make working with your team a breeze and don't let the need for cross-team collaboration be the thing that holds you back.  


Grow your influence

Discover tools and tactics for becoming an authoritative voice among your peers, and among your leaders.


Advance in your career

Become the type of person every leader loves to promote. Learn to prepare for your future, even as you execute in you current role.


Earn recognition

Recognition results from you leaning into your areas of strength, getting clear on your priorities, goals and objectives, and applying what you learn from the program.


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Go through the training's seven modules at your own pace.
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