Join a Sevens Group

Leading people is hard.

Since you took on a leadership role, do you find yourself with a knot in your stomach as you think about work on Sunday night?

Do you feel caught between your team and senior leaders?

Do you struggle to fit everything in?

If you do, you’re not alone.

When I first started leading people, I made all kinds of mistakes.

It takes a while to figure out how to build a thriving team that looks forward to coming to work on Monday. And believe me, whether they want to come to work or not is largely determined by you.

Don't go it alone.

I’m not trying to add pressure to what you’re already feeling. I’m calling out the need for leaders to have good support.

Most leaders are trying to do it alone.

That's why I'm creating Sevens Groups.

Your Sevens Group will be a small team of up to 7 people from different companies, with diverse experiences, opinions, and perspectives all trying to become effective people leaders.

Your group will meet twice a month for 90 minutes.

During your sessions with the group, your facilitator will guide the discussion around real issues you’re facing in your life and work (for the Beta group, that facilitator will be me).

If you’re struggling to feel like you’re winning in your new role as a leader, there’s nothing more powerful than committing to join a group of like-minded high-caliber leaders who all want the same thing you do.

Here's what you can expect:

Quick Wins: Discover actionable strategies you can apply immediately to improve team morale and productivity.
Instant Feedback: Get real-time advice and feedback on your current leadership challenges from a diverse group of peers.
Clarity and Confidence: Gain immediate clarity on your leadership style and confidence in your decision-making process.
Develop Influence: Uncover ways of building your personal brand and growing your impact and influence with your leaders and peers.
Reduce Stress: Learn tactics for conquering stress and reduce the negative impact of stress by sharing your burdens with a supportive group who understand your struggles.

Join a Sevens Group for:

There’s no better way to accelerate your development as a leader than to lock arms with peers in an environment where it’s safe to be honest about your fears, shortcomings, and knowledge gaps.

This is not for the dabblers.
This is not for the passive.

Sevens Groups are exclusively open to growth-minded new leaders within their first few years of people leadership.

Engagement is required.
Commitment is crucial.

If you’re ready to commit to becoming the best version of yourself as a leader and to help the other members of your Sevens Group do the same, we want to talk to you.

Join the Beta group.

Membership in a Sevens Group is $149/month. But if you're one of the brave souls who decide to join the Beta, you'll be able to participate for only $39/month. The reduced price allows for the fact that as any new project spins up, it takes time to dial everything in. If you're willing to endure the inevitable bumps along the way as we start up this exciting new project, you'll be rewarded with value in the form of a hefty discount.

I'm Mark.
And this is Sevens.

Email me with the subject "SEVENS GROUP BETA" to participate